III. European Congress of SMEs in Katowice / Poland

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the third Congress of SMEs from 16th – 18th of September 2013 received high attention. It was under the patronage and the participation of the Polish President, Bronislaw Komorowski and the Vice President of the European Union, Antonio Tajani. For the first time more than 3.000 people were participating in the event. Dr. Hans-K. Knoben, CEO of MCT Unternehmensberatung was panel speaker with the topic:“Buying and marketing groups – a factor of success for SMEs“.

Interview with Mariusz Sawinski, MCT consultant in Warsaw / Poland who was also participating in the Congress of SMEs in Kattowice.


What are the three main challenges for Polish SMEs?

Mariusz Sawinski:

The problem can be summarized in one word: “Individualism”. Polish company owners trust only themselves – a consequence of the communistic regime. This has got serious consequences on the Polish economy.

1. In Poland there are many SMEs with an excellent product range. But they have got problems to build 

    up an export business. Our programme “EXCELLENCE GROUPS for Polish exports” is aiming at

this kind of producers.

2. Cooperatives have a long tradition in Poland. But the re-organization and creation of modern 

    buying and marketing groups state of the art in the sector of trade and production is an

important challenge for Polish SMEs.

3. Polish retailers and wholesalers are in competition with international companies – very often big

multinationals. The creation of “successful buying and marketing groups state of the art” which

are competitive on a national and international level is decisive for the survival of the SMEs in

Poland. And they maintain the independance of the SMEs.