Buying groups – a German market phenomena

By 10. April 2015Uncategorized

The German market is a very special market in the commercial trade sector: In contrast to nearly all other European and international markets the German market is characterized by a special phenomena: the strong presence of buying groups.

This presence has developped successfully over many years and buying groups are very important and potential economic partners. Some sectors are even dominated by buying groups and they represent another chain of distribution as a counterbalance to affiliated companies.

Buying groups organize common purchase as well as common branding and sales and marketing strategies. They exist on different trade levels: retail- or handcraft-level as well as wholesale-level.

The economic importance of buying groups has grown continuously in the German market as they represent a means to increase individual competitiveness in a more and more competitive environment. At present they stand for a turnover of 460 billion Euro realized by companies who are organized in buying groups withinin 45 different business sectors. More than 230.000 commercial companies in Germany are members of buying groups in almost all business sectors (like food, automobile parts, shoes, toys, fashion, textiles and many, many more) and they realize about 15 % of the GDP gross domestic product. The market share of buying groups in the different business sectors varies from 40% up to 70%. This is a unique success-story in Europe.

To deal and cooperate successfully with buying groups requires special know-how and experience.

MCT Unternehmensberatung GmbH  is specialized in this field of cooperation with buying groups as well as creation of buying groups since its foundation in 1994.

Take advantage of our know-how. If you want to know more contact us and / or request our MCT-brochure:The special phenomena of buying groups in the German market